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Therapeutic Harp Presentation Kit, by Sarajane Williams

The harp has forever been revered for its ability to soothe the body mind, and spirit. Its sonorous timbre enchants and creates an air of tranquility. In addition to its favored role on the concert stage, the harp has again recently found its rightful place as a therapeutic instrument at bedsides in hospitals, hospices, and in clinical settings. Controlled studies have shown that live therapeutic harp music at the bedside helps to ease pain, decrease anxiety and stabilize vital signs.

This Therapeutic Harp presentation kit is tailored to assist the therapeutic musician in preparing and providing an impressionable and professional presentation about therapeutic music. The DVD contains focused excerpts from the Therapeutic Harp: ancient legacy, sound science, clinical applications 3-DVD set.

The companion CD includes presentation considerations, a suggested presentation format and a set of questions and answers that can be customized and printed. DVD length: 14:30 minutes, Producer: Sarajane Williams, Silva Vocat 2009, PA Video Sample from The Therapeutic Harp: Ancient Legacy, Sound Science, Clinical Applications, from which the Therapeutic Harp Presentation Kit was derived.

Trailer:4:20 minutes duration