The Healing Musician’s Center (HMC) is sponsored by the Int'l Healing Musician's Program. Its foremost purpose is for continuing education services for those who wish to not travel to advance their healing music skills. The center offers a wide verity of learning tools including books, recordings and live webinars. Live webinars allow the participant to directly participate in the presentation while sitting at home or office. Webinars are chosen for their anecdotal, empirical and cutting edge topics as they relate to the advancement of the healing musician. Presenters are selected for their applicable experience and credentials.

HMC captures the on-site conference experience by offering collaborative learning tools that are best created for adult learning. These tools include reading, audio and networking opportunities. HMC uses new advances in technology for online learning settings, utilizing real-time participant interaction, and expertly facilitated learning tools, including community debriefs and support.

About our Participants
We welcome participants who are highly innovative, motivated and interactive. We consider all levels of musicianship, using voice and/or appropriate acoustic instruments. The webinars take a vigorous approach to enabling participants towards perceived personal and universal meaning in their daily experience with the ailing, injured and dying. Evaluations are uniformly outstanding, and participants describe the experience of the webinars as unique in their personal and professional training.

To respond to the needs of the participants we serve and enrich their lives through the learning of healing music and sound.